Small Business CRM Software

What is CRM software?

CRM by definition is Customer Relationship Management. It is a very broad category which encompasses various different activities; some of the important ones are leads tracking and conversion, sales pipeline management, customer support & retention, help desk and ticketing etc. Depending upon the nature of your business you must be executing one or all activities part of CRM. A CRM software helps you effectively manage different CRM activities. Now there is a plethora of sales CRM software’s available in the market however they can be categorised into two broad categories:

  1. Nature of the CRM software.
    • Specialized CRM software’s which cover only a specific CRM activity.
    • General CRM software’s which cover all CRM activities.
  2. Target audience.
    • Traditional CRMs like Salesforce which target large enterprises.
    • Modern CRMs which target small & medium businesses.

How do I choose the right small business CRM software for my business?

A simple Google search will return tons of resources suggesting you the right small business CRM, unfortunately they will only end up confusing you more. The decision is pretty simple, all you need to do is figure out the answers to the below mentioned questions and eureka you will find the right CRM.

  • What all activities under CRM do I perform? If you perform only one or just of couple of activities then going for a General CRM will both expensive and an overkill.
  • How many users will need access to the application? If only a small team will be using the CRM then it makes sense going for a Modern CRM.
  • Will the software implementation need training from vendors? Traditional CRMs usually require lot of implementation support.
  • Is the software easy enough for my sales team to pick it up? Traditional CRMs are difficult to understand and require formal training before they can be adopted by the team.
  • What is my overall budget for a CRM software? Modern CRM usually have cheaper pricing plans than Traditional CRMs.

Time to choose...

If the questions made you realize that you need a modern, simple to use, specialized CRM solution for a small team then look no further than ClinchPad. ClinchPad is built for small businesses looking to effectively manage their leads. It gives a visual overview of your sales pipeline and helps you close leads faster. It is easy to use & implement and teams can get started in minutes.