ClinchPad is an alternative to traditional CRMs and is built for small teams looking to break away from a cluster of spreadsheets to a more organized way of tracking leads. It believes that the user interaction should be as simple as possible so that it is effortlessly adopted.

It provides a new way of tracking leads by shifting focus from data entry to converting leads into deals. ClinchPad is ideal for all kinds of organizations and is confident that it can disrupt the $18B CRM industry that hasn’t changed its approach much since 2005.

About The Founder

Cheenu Madan

Cheenu Madan

Cheenu is the developer of ClinchPad. He has previous experience in SaaS space, having worked on Bloomberg Law, a SaaS product, while working with Bloomberg in New York City. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Florida.


ClinchPad has been incubated by GSF Accelerator, a multi city accelerator in India backed by prominent funds such as 500 Startups and Seedcamp.