Salesforce Alternative

Salesforce - A costly, complex affair

Saleforce was one of the first companies to develop a cloud based CRM solution for businesses. They revolutionized the way software was consumed by businesses which till then relied on the fact that software needs to be purchased and installed before usage. Since their inception, Salesforce has grown rapidly. Infact, their growth has been so tremendous that today most of the large enterprises deploy Salesforce, but does it make Salesforce the right solution for your business? Salesforce is one of the most complex and costly solutions in the market and since it caters to large enterprises its an overkill for small & medium businesses.

OK, so if not Salesforce then what options do I have ?

There a lot of options available in the market but that does not make the decision any easier. Choosing the right CRM depends upon a lot of factors, the most important of them is the size of your business. If you are a small or a medium sized business looking for an organized way of tracking business leads then you should go for modern, simple and an intuitive solution. Traditional CRM's such as Salesforce are a nightmare to implement, require training and cost a bomb to maintain. You will be better served by a modern alternative which offers a nice and clean visual view of your business leads, requires no implementation, is simple to use and does not pinch your pocket.

It would be good to get started with my sales tracking within minutes at a low cost.

That is our philosophy at ClinchPad, we believe that a business should spend more time on closing deals rather than tracking them. With ClinchPad, you can literally get started within minutes and get a visual view of your entire pipeline. That’s not all, we offer you a risk free option- use all features of ClinchPad absolutely free for upto 100 leads. This should give you enough time to evaluate if our modern sales CRM is right for your business