MailChimp CRM Integration

ClinchPad & MailChimp

Add all the contacts from our contact manager software to your MailChimp mailing list.


MailChimp is a crowd favorite solution for people to design and send email newsletters.


ClinchPad is an intuitive CRM system that helps small teams to manage their sales operations effectively.

Keep your mailing list up to date using ClinchPad's integration with MailChimp.

ClinchPad is a defacto replacement for your business contact manager. Our sales software lets you store unlimited contacts in the cloud and makes online contact management a breeze. Store as much information about the contact as you need and control which of the team members get access to them. Import contacts in bulk from a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. In an effort to make ClinchPad the best contact management software available in the market, we sync with Google Contacts as well!

An up to date mailing list is vital to the success of email marketing campaigns. By integrating with MailChimp, we have ensured that the contact information of your customers and prospects in our business contact manager is in sync with your mailing list. In a single click, export all the information from our contact management software to MailChimp. Enjoy the best of both worlds - a healthy sales funnel and great customer engagement!


How to set up ClinchPad integration with MailChimp

  1. Sign up for accounts on both MailChimp and ClinchPad if you don't have them already.
  2. Login to ClinchPad and navigate to the contact manager.
  3. Follow the instructions in this support article on integrating ClinchPad with MailChimp.
  4. You're done. The mailing list is now fresh and complete!