Scale Your Sales Operations

Get hold of the sales software that fosters rapid growth!

ClinchPad is a sales management software built for small teams. But, when it comes to building sales operations of massive scale, you won’t find a better alternative. We have built a CRM for small businesses that’s capable of scaling up as and when you ramp up your sales operations!

Manage Multiple Product Lines

Diversification is vital to keep the sales cycle chugging along at a healthy pace. You’ll find it a whole lot easier to add and edit multiple products in our sales CRM. Create a list of products and services that you offer and attach them to your leads. Sort and track your leads based on products to learn which products are flying off the shelves and which aren’t!

Group Leads by Source

It’s common for lead generation efforts to fill the sales funnel with leads from a variety of sources. Group leads based on their sources to quantify the leads generated from different marketing channels. Use the insights from our sales reporting to identify and nurture sources that generate leads with higher conversion rates.

Track Sales Cycles of Multiple Branches

Every geography has its unique set of challenges and it’s a smart move to have multiple sales pipelines and sales cycles that’s ideal for the geography. Divide your leads into different geographical zones to identify the demographics of your customers. Effortlessly track the zones that outsell the rest and allocate resources to the under performing ones.