Sales Reporting Software

We bring numbers to life with our sales reports!

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By interpreting numbers in meaningful ways and presenting them in the form of easy to consume reports, a sales CRM should at times morph into a business intelligence suite. Our sales reports module is built to give you actionable insights by dissecting your sales operations and serving them as colorful charts and graphs!

Sales Reports

Insightful Sales Reporting

It’s the duty of a good sales software to help users make sense of the numbers. You should always be aware of the stumbling blocks in the sales process. Our sales activity reports showcase the metrics that matter based on a number of parameters. Pipelines, products, date range, source, zone - pick the parameters of your choice to generate sales reports.

Sales Activity Reports

A manager has to be good at multitasking to effectively handle the operations of the sales team, the targets and multiple sales pipelines. Setting up sales tracking reports shouldn’t be one of those tasks. The preset charts that come with our sales management software are meant to save time and they are filled with actionable insights.

Sales Activity

Sales Goals

Track Goal Progress

Create revenue goals and track their progress. You can assign dollar value to deals and assign them to one or more members in your team. All these targets can be tracked at an interval of your choice. See who is inching closer to reaching their target and who is lagging behind in a couple of clicks. It’s a great tool to keep your sales forecasting practical!