Sales Team Manager

Monitor Your Team from a Sales Dashboard!

Managers are often concerned where a lead stands in the sales cycle and what their salespersons are doing to push things forward. With a CRM system like ClinchPad, in addition to getting better at tracking sales leads, you’ll be tracking the work done by all your team members. Our small business CRM keeps you informed round the clock!

Instant Notifications

When there is an activity in the sales pipeline, our sales software will alert you instantly. Email notifications are sent for activities associated with the leads assigned to you. If you are curious about the sales process, just follow more leads and get notified when there is any progress.

Centralized Document Storage

Business collaterals make or break a sales pitch. To give your sales process a boost, ClinchPad lets you attach files to leads. Upload documents, presentations, spreadsheets, signed contracts or any other file related to a lead and retrieve them quickly. Never hunt for a particular email in your mailbox or file on your desktop ever again.

Daily Activity Reports

Daily activity snapshots display a comprehensive list of all activities for any particular day. In a glance, you can see what work was done by the entire team or just one member. Stop wasting time asking for status updates from team members. Sign up for a free account in our CRM system and track the entire team from our sales dashboard!