A Lead Management Software that Works!

Know what stage your deals are in the sales pipeline at all times. Spend your time managing leads and not the sales CRM!

sales pipeline, pipeline management, sales funnel

sales pipeline, deal management

Centralized Sales Lead Management

A lead management system should be as invisible to the users as possible. It shouldn’t take your focus away from managing leads to learning to use the sales management software. That’s the reason we designed ClinchPad to be the most intuitive lead management software in the market. Our elegant cards and columns layout ensures that you stay on top of all your leads and the entire sales cycle from a centralized location.

Collaborative Lead Management

Your focus should always be in closing deals. Bottlenecks and stumbling blocks in sales management pipeline distract your team from being productive. Use our shared todo lists and put the right persons incharge of the various stages of the sales cycle. Never let them scramble for help when it comes to managing sales pipelines ever again!

Sales Team Productivity
Sales Pipeline Filters

Organize the Sales Process with Ease

Be it small teams or multi national corporations spread across geographies, ClinchPad is the lead management solution that brings much needed sanity to sales pipeline management. Lead trackers tend to distract users with their clunky workflow. For a change, use our filters to sort leads by users, products, sources, zones, contacts or any combination of the above for faster and efficient lead management.

Build Better Relationships

The role of a sales CRM is to ensure that deals don’t slip away because of poor communication. Store your contacts and leads in one location and communicate with them without ever leaving the lead management software. Create custom stages to your sales pipeline and delegate tasks with your team. Pull custom reports and see the type of leads that are converting best, always!

Sales Reporting